Another Busy Day

Today’s learning and remembering events 🤔 Some things you’ve learned and yet somehow forget until something happens and then…..oh, yeah, right. Other things you thought you knew and then realize you are clueless🙄 Both happened to me today 😀 

I had many errands on my list today. Head into town and grab a few items, get cash, pay the rent, etc. I decided that since I had so many stops to make and needed to walk off the beaten path a bit, I would grab a bus or taxi into town. So, I stood at the pick spot a block from my house. I stood there awhile with many buses and taxis passing me by😕 Then a young man walked up, I flagged a taxi down, he got in and they left. Right, now I remember, I’m not a local and at times getting a ride into town can be a challenge🙄 Anyway, after about 20 mins a taxi finally stopped for me.  

First stop was the Todo a Dollar, where everything is more than a dollar🤨 I needed a few supplies for a Christmas craft I’m making. The store is so overloaded with the stock at the moment it’s very hard to get up and down the aisle. Even harder with a large backpack on my shoulder. Right, leave your bag at the counter so you can maneuver without knocking things off the shelf, or having to apologize repeatedly for bumping others….got it😳

Next stop the ATM, no new lesson there thank goodness😀 Right up the street from there is the produce guy I usually purchase from at least once per week. I asked for my usual pineapple and papaya. He offered passion fruit. It looked similar to a fruit I don’t care for here, but it wasn’t in the usual colors. I know that fruit as mara cuya. I asked him if it was sweet. “Yes, yes, very sweet.” he assured. So I got some to try.

In my memory passion fruit was the pink fruit in the Dole brand Tropical Blend I was used to in the states. I know realize that was papaya and I’m clueless what they put in for passion fruit🤨 Needless to say when I got home and opened one I knew right away I got the type of fruit I don’t like🤦 Oh well, my friends will enjoy having them🤣 

Tonight, I will host my first movie night in my home since moving to Panama😍 I’m very excited. I bathed the dogs, did some cleaning chores and then began to prep the shrimp cocktail I’m offering. I truly forgot what a pain and how gross it was to peel and devien shrimp. Nasty!🤢 Oh, well, it’s done and will be delicious.

The last week in conversation grilled cheese and tomato soup has come up. It is remembered fondly by many as such a great meal, especially when it’s chilly. I looked for tomato soup in the stores today and again couldn’t find any. So, once again I googled how to make some and tonight, I will offer my first homemade tomato soup🍅  My only thoughts when trying new things are generally….How hard/bad could it be, followed by….Gee, I hope this doesn’t suck!

Been a good day learning new things and remembering things I already know, but occasionally forget. Time to shower and remember the words to my favorite Abba songs, Mama Mia is our movie tonight! 😍 💃

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