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Bacon Wars

Today’s adventure in figuring out life involved having a hysterical moment when I had to admit I can be such a clueless maroon sometimes😳🤣 So I’m in the grocery store. I need two items that I’ve not, or had trouble, purchasing before here. So I’m scanning the aisles very carefully. Making several trips down each. The staff probably thought I was having an episode and lost 🤪

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I Decided I needed a Walk

August 6, 2019. I woke up this morning frustrated, things aren’t where I want them to be to move forward, technically, yet in my new home I’m very happy. Then I was very sad because I miss a house full of family and chaos. Once you get used to the volume and never stop chaos, when it’s gone you miss it. Not because it was good, because it was home, familiar and comforting in a crazy way. Then I watched a movie from long ago, had me laughing out loud.

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