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To All The Broken Hearted, You Are Not Alone

I’m not sure I can explain anything I feel at the moment. Through tears, I am trying to communicate on “paper,” so not to lash out. But my words are not grammatically correct, and some cannot hear my heart past my errors. My heart is hurting, like so many globally. My spirit has no peace hearing the horror of today’s reality globally. So, my soul and eyes can no longer hold their tears.

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In Times Like These

I have been reading, talking through text (social distancing) and processing much of what is happening in the world lately with all its brought into our lives globally. Several conversations have been about different aspects of all that is going on worldwide. In the earlier days of things getting real in my world (Boquete, Panama,) I was thankful that no matter the inconvenience, the priority was keeping people safe and healthy. I still am very grateful for the measures to protect us here.

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