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Let’s Talk Tech

I remember when the first computer came into our home. Al and I were only married a couple of years, although we had already had two kids. My son was an infant, meaning this was about 24 years ago. When the first (to me) computer was in our home, I found it fascinating, although I had red flags and concerns from day one. I saw the amount of money and time it occupied in our young lives. I wasn’t comfortable with it, but there was no going back. 

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My Heart is at Home

Recently I had 2 different conversations that I’ve been thinking about for the last several days. The first one was about my use of the word home. I explained I was going home for the Christmas holidays. A friend said, “Interesting you call that home.” Well, I guess so if home is a location. To me home is where I feel comfortable, loved and safe. Home for me is with people I care about. Whether I’m in the USA with my blood family or in Boquete, Republic of Panama, with my friends that have become the family I chose, I feel at home.  

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Because I now live in Panama, holidays are very different. Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. Here it is Independence Day. If I were in the USA I would have been in the kitchen since early morning. Tons of cooking, setting up the Christmas tree, movies with the girls. Here, there is a parade that lasts for 12 hours. I was planning to walk into town and watch for a while, but it’s pouring rain, so I’ll wait and try again later.  

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