Enjoy your Life as you Walk Through it

October 23, 2019. Today’s walk into town was unexpected. I went swimming this morning. I generally walk or swim at least 4 times per week for up to an hour. Those are my personal goals to keep moving. Today I went for a swim, enjoyed great conversation, then got home and realized I needed something from the store. I was in the same store twice yesterday, but didn’t know I needed dog food.

So, after I got home and started my planned chores for the day I headed out for a quick trip to the store. Along my walk I first noticed many sites that made me smile. The beauty that surrounds the place I live in, the mountains, the tiny leaf cutter ant that carried more than he could handle that crossed my path. Then I was facing my first local by passer on the sidewalk. She looked like the classic icons I remember from childhood movies. Think Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo. Immediately my great grandmother came to mind. She was hysterical and very fashionable. She wore hats, scarves, chokers and heels, well into her 80’s. She once told me, “It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a bathrobe, if you have a hat or great shoes you have style.

Anyway, this woman had a bright deep rich blue top, a scarf, skirt and handbag that were matching zebra print. Black pumps and giant dark brown sunglasses like Jackie Onassis wore. As we got closer, I did the usual giant smile and greeting. Unfortunately, she uttered barley a syllable and never smiled. Bummer 😕 Lately, I’ve been very aware I came here to be and find happiness in every way no matter who or what that means. I’ve also become very aware, some are comfortable in their unhappiness and embrace their misery. To each their own for sure. A few blocks later I encountered a crew of workmen. There were 3 of them (I wanted a picture but didn’t want to distract or embarrass them). One was way up a ladder working on the power lines.

As I approached, I intended to move around them, but wasn’t sure how. One of them, with a hard hat, bright yellow and orange work vest, cables over his shoulder and cone in hand approached me. He approached with a huge smile, explaining, from what I understood, from his Spanish, I was to please walk around them to be safe. He literally put his cone out and stopped traffic so I could pass safely. I thanked him, in his language and all of them for their work. I smiled and was grateful. To me, that hard working, muddy boot, gracious and smiling crew was way better dressed and fashionable than the seemingly miserable icon I encountered earlier. Yes, the bird on the wire brought to mind a great movie.

Yes, Christmas comes before Halloween here too. I loved this little log cabin looking place. All I could think of when I saw it was if I was to become the Pickle Queen here, I’ve always wanted a log cabin and would call it the Pickle Palace. Just a thoughts as I go. 😍Enjoy your life as you walk through it my friends 🥰

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