Help These Kids!

We have adopted a school!  La Estrella del Valle is a small school located in the hills near Boquete. There are 52 children in a 3 room school house.  The families are very poor and because it is an indigenous school it is funded less that other Panamanian schools.

They have just  basic supplies and the children receive only a small bowl of rice and beans for lunch. These children walk a long distances over steep, rocky roads and thru creeks to get to school each day.  Their shoes are falling apart.  The kitchen has 3 burners, an apartment refrigerator,  and no hot water.  We are trying to sponsor these children to provide a meal with meat twice a month, get them a new pair of shoes, supply some new supplies and help to fix their kitchen. 

Please help us help them!  Just  $10.00 would help. The smiles of these children’s faces tells the whole story!


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