Implementing Life’s Lessons

So, funny to me are the things from the past that in some ways have helped prepare me for this time in my life.

I remember very well when raising my kids and caring for others’ kids as well as my grandchildren, how every week or two I’d call a “pajama day.” It wasn’t always on a weekend. It was when the calendar of requirements was at the least. Sometimes out of sheer desperation for a break I would just schedule one for the next week and not commit to anything for that day. Pajama day meant no one was allowed to leave the house. If you can’t get properly dressed to be out in public, you can’t be in public. No one was required to do the usuals for the most part. No working, cleaning, school work, and even showering was optional. We weren’t required to be together all day, we could all do our thing.

Usually, by mid afternoon some would start doing some things  together. Watch a movie, play cards,  cook, start a puzzle or craft project. Meals were simple and eating up all the leftovers was another goal. We just slowed down to breathe for a minute, not because we were sick (although it took place many times during illness,) but because we were tired. I wanted us all to take a breath and rest in a safe space for a little while. Well, everyday is pajama day for awhile in this season of quarantine, and although I look forward to getting out and about again, every so often it’s time to just stay home and catch your breath.

During the seasons of life when my home or others’ homes didn’t feel like a safe space because of very sad situations, it was when we were go, go, go for sure. My heart is saddened by how many are having to shelter in place, yet their homes are not safe spaces. I’m very thankful that in  this moment my immediate family are all in safe spaces. 

I remember so many times throughout my very full busy young family life I stated that all I really needed was a week to be at home to catch up and finally rest. Well, here we are. I’m caught up, but finding it hard to rest/sleep because I’m not doing enough to truly get tired. Mostly a lack of physical movement. So when we aren’t under these quarantine restrictions, I need to remember this and get myself walking and dancing again outside of my perimeter. Thankful I have a home big enough to walk around and dance a bit in. It wasn’t that way a year ago. 

A couple weeks from now will be our 2nd year living in Panama. The first 4-6 months were much like these times in some ways, for us anyway. We didn’t have transportation so we rarely went anywhere other than some walks to local shops. We didn’t have several gatherings of friends every week like we’ve had this last year, and which we are looking forward to again soon. We couldn’t afford much, so we made the best of things, stretched out resources and looked for free ways to entertain ourselves.

We binge watched lots of series, and for the first time I joined some social media groups to chat with others. We, mostly I, napped a lot and loved on my dog constantly. There’s a reason she is now a complete Diva. I admit it, I did this to her. So, seems in some ways we are back where we started, but I’m so thankful we’re in a way better home this time. Here, Al can play music, I can cook up a storm in a fully equipped kitchen, and when we need to get away from each other for awhile we have space to do it. 

Although, I am in no way loving this current season of quarantine and restrictions, I’m very thankful we’ve come so far before it hit. I’m also thankful that in some ways I’ve been prepared to handle it better than I ever would have imagined.

Hope you all can say the same. 

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