Let’s Talk Tech

I remember when the first computer came into our home. Al and I were only married a couple of years, although we had already had two kids. My son was an infant, meaning this was about 24 years ago. When the first (to me) computer was in our home, I found it fascinating, although I had red flags and concerns from day one. I saw the amount of money and time it occupied in our young lives. I wasn’t comfortable with it, but there was no going back. 

Fast forward about 25 years; now I appreciate the tool technology is, yet I still have some of the red flags I did that first day. Recently, I’ve begun several projects that can only be completed online. To accomplish my goals many days, I need reliable WiFi, a computer that is fully capable of doing what I need, and the motivation to sit in front of it when I’d rather be outside. I love the tool that is technology. I get to video chat with my family regularly and I get to reach out to others questioning things with answers as a newcomer to a foreign land. 

I was adamant in the early years when I said I didn’t like all things tech, but I’ve grown and adapted as many of us do. I will say now that I’m so thankful that my husband spent those hours continuing to learn tech. I now rely on technology more than I ever wanted to. It doesn’t work the way I understand, or ever want to comprehend. Therefore, I’m thankful I married a tech guy. He can make my tools work for me in ways I could never dream were real, because it’s tech, not reality, and it’s the way you reach out and process reality. I’m not always great at that for sure.

Thank you my awesome Mother F*ing Tech Guy! My world works because you’re in it and keep it spinning in all the right ways. 

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