Wisdom is Knowledge Applied

October 7, 2019. I generally don’t engage in so many negative posts other than sad, or put out there things I wish people would just say. But, today, I’m different somehow. Because as I’ve changed my entire life, to save my sanity and what’s left of my life, health and marriage, I think a bit different now. Words like, boundaries, moderation, balance have been challenging words for me. I truly love and hate them at the same time.

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I’m not a Stalker, Really

Girl on a picnic and sit gossiping. retro style ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

So, today’s earlier than usual walk from town, was more about people watching than nature. Not in a “I’m a stalker way” just an observer of others. Unfortunately, my day started early in the local docs office. Nothing crisis or illness, just, I’m aging and why is my body doing that now? 🙄 

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Languages are not the Barrier

October 2, 2019. Loving my walks through town since we moved. Last week finally got back to hit my goal, over 30 mins of walking or swimming at least 4 times a week. Sometimes my walks are just about nature and clearing my head and heart. Sometimes there a store trip or local street vendors for produce. I’ve developed a familiarity with one guy in particular that has great fruit, still can’t imagine how to say or spell his name 🤪

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Bacon Wars

Today’s adventure in figuring out life involved having a hysterical moment when I had to admit I can be such a clueless maroon sometimes😳🤣 So I’m in the grocery store. I need two items that I’ve not, or had trouble, purchasing before here. So I’m scanning the aisles very carefully. Making several trips down each. The staff probably thought I was having an episode and lost 🤪

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I Decided I needed a Walk

August 6, 2019. I woke up this morning frustrated, things aren’t where I want them to be to move forward, technically, yet in my new home I’m very happy. Then I was very sad because I miss a house full of family and chaos. Once you get used to the volume and never stop chaos, when it’s gone you miss it. Not because it was good, because it was home, familiar and comforting in a crazy way. Then I watched a movie from long ago, had me laughing out loud.

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