Panama City Adventures

So the last 36 hours have been very different but interesting and at times hilarious. We left Sunday morning for Panama City. We took a smaller commuter flight from David. Neither of us had been in a plane this small in over a decade. However, the leg room was better than in the international flight with Delta I took in March. The service was excellent.

We arrived in the big city on time and our Uber driver was wonderful. He spoke English and had worked with the Air Force base at the canal for 15 years. He was gracious. We got to check in early at the hotel. However, the first issue we ran into was not knowing how to work the elevator. We were at the 6th floor for a while, thought we were trapped. Figures both of us needed a bathroom 😳🙄 

We finally figured out you can’t get to your floor and have the doors open without a swipe of your room key…….oh us uninformed world travelers 🤣🤣 Then we entered what we were told was our room. Um, it was occupied! We heard the phone ringing when we walked in, but knew it wasn’t for us. So back in the elevator we go. This time knowing how to use it 🙄 Yes, we both still needed a bathroom. Arrived at the lobby where the desk clerk was waiting to give us new keys and a new room number, he wrote it down wrong 🤣 Anyway, we settle into our room, now being experienced elevator users 😂, and then off to explore the city and find lunch. We found lunch, but wanted something familiar, so walked a bit further to what we wanted.

Wow, the big city is HOT!🥵 The lunch stop was hot. I ate food that made my stomach hurt and we had some stops to make on our walk back. So, we were both getting cranky and dehydrated quickly. Finally got back to the hotel, to the pool was the first priority. Couldn’t get the door to the pool open, waited in the hot hallway for someone to help for what seemed like an hour….ok it was about 10 mins, but we’re spoiled gringos and it was hot 😳🙄🥵🤣 Then the guy with the magic card opened the door……um, it worked, but I was swiping too fast 😳🙄 

Anyway, the pool is a little bigger than an average hot tub. We didn’t care, it was warm enough for Al to get in and cool enough for me to feel better after overheating. Next was the…Um, how do you find English channels on the TV? After about 30 mins Al, the tech guru, figured out how to change the settings. Yes, we could have called the front desk and they would have told us in about 1 min. But, we need to learn and didn’t have anywhere to be anyway. 🤣 Finding dinner for me was a bit of a challenge. My stomach has decided I need to stick to produce more than anything. So I was hunting a salad. Several places didn’t offer it. Others had it but at a cost of what two week’s worth of produce is for us. So we finally found a caesar salad at the car wash/pizza place. Yes, it’s a car wash that has a pizza truck style place at the front. 😳🤣🤣🤣 Although, their definition of a caesar salad is way different than mine (tomato, black olives, tons of onions and dressing tasted more like caesar sweat than dressing 🤮). Oh well, I ate enough of it to get through. Al enjoyed their pizza very much.

Finally, time to settle in for the night. Al got word the car we came here for wasn’t checking out to be what was stated. So, after being up half the night doing research this morning, he headed off to find a car. I went walking around exploring. Yet, I had been so busy looking up and around at the buildings, signs and wonder of the amazing, chaotic traffic around me, I didn’t look down at the uneven pavement. Yep, I tripped and hit the ground. 😳🤬 I got up and was immediately aware I just did this in front of lines of traffic and a couple people staring sitting outside at the restaurant I was walking by. I wasn’t hurt, just scratched and embarrassed. So I smiled and waved to my admirers 🤣🤣😂 

Walked into a casino because the building looked cool. It was, but I was followed around by security, although it was obvious I was just taking pictures….maybe they suspected I was under age and sneaking in.🤪 It started to get very hot. So back to the hotel for a dip in the pool. When the rain hits I may go to the fitness center….then again how much adventure should I try to cram into one day 😂🤪😍

This whole thing reminds me, I need to pay attention to the basics. Look/listen to know where you’re going and what you need to do to get there. Next literally watch where you’re walking, always have paper for the bathroom on you because some stalls don’t (here knowing how to ask the woman in the next stall for paper in Spanish helps, don’t ask), be flexible because, well life happens. Take everything as an adventure and learning experience and you’ll laugh more and cry or stress less.

Yes, it also seems Al found us a car. Back to our cool Boquete Mountains we will be soon 😍

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