Proactive Inconveniences Are Saving Lives

Have you ever said or wrote something and it’s like a light bulb just came on in your head, and all a sudden, you see things just a little clearer? Or maybe all of a sudden, you understand the whole picture and not only the pieces you’ve been collecting in your thoughts and conversations.

Today I was texting with a friend about what is going on in our countries as everyone seems to be going a little Corona Crazy. We were chatting about the different ways the countries we were born in are handling the situation. We both feel that being reactive instead of proactive will only do more damage. I shared with her some of the measures Panama is now taking because they had their first confirmed case a week ago in Panama City. Yes, now there are more cases; however, it hasn’t hit our Province yet. That is not to say it won’t, but hopefully, the things they are implementing will slow its momentum in hopes to not have it all become very overwhelming, very quickly.

They are already closing off entry to the country in various ways from visitors and tourism. For us here in our mountain town, and various other popular vacationing spots around the country, the economic hit will be felt indeed. We’re still in high season here. These measures will prevent visitors from all over the world from spending another month or so here. The checkpoint to get into our area will only let residents pass. They are trying to keep us all safe from visitors that unknowingly may bring the infection in with them as they travel through the area.

They have put forth limits on certain products to prevent hoarding and shortages of essential items. They have cancelled all local events that bring crowds. They have now put in place no more than 50 people in the stores at one time. They are heavily promoting hand washing and social distancing. Residents are suggested to stay home unless necessary, shopping or medical trips. The local restaurants and some other services that will be impacted by this are now offering delivery or curbside pick up. They have closed businesses that are not essential and draw crowds. They have explained what to do and not do if you suspect infection. Friends are asking if anything is needed, checking on others not up to the challenge at the moment. I’m sure there are tons of other things they are doing, but those are just the ones off the top of my head.

It is odd to me how many people were concerned about us moving to Panama because they thought it was a third world country. I’m happy to say that this country is taking its people’s health seriously and proactively protecting us all. Yes, I read and understand there are many people here locally that are very frustrated with the new rules or how things are being handled. Yet, my thought is, suck it up buttercup (yes, I even say that to myself when I get annoyed about another cancellation in my plans). We all need to do our part. Individually doing our part is the best way to help our community and protect ourselves at the same time. If this virus runs rampant through any country very quickly, the medical services are overwhelmed and crushed under the weight. When that happens, even more lives will be lost. In our small mountain town, we have a large senior retired population, carrying on like nothing is happening could quickly get many here killed by this virus.

I’m truly doing my best not to allow the anxiety about being so far from family in the Atlanta Metro area, many there are now infected, spin my head and heart around. So I guess its time to cook something, clean something and find something else to binge watch with my love. Very thankful we are home and safe, when this blows over, I pray all of us can say that.

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