Slow Your Roll, Baby!

After hanging with my sister to go see mom (we were trapped in the car for 3 hours) I picked up the granddaughters to come for a couple of overnights at the apartment we’re staying in. Well, they asked for a snack before we left the driveway.

I verified with mom they haven’t eaten since lunch and probably need a little something. I gave them each the can of Pringles they requested that their mom sent. I showed and explained only eat about “this” much. It was 1/3 of the can. They were given juice boxes to wash it down. Um, we got to our destination about 50 minutes later and Jade, the older one, finished her entire can of Pringles….. WWWHHHAATTT? Yup, all gone.

After we got our bags in the house, the girls and I ran to the store. I’m hunting something I need to replace and needed lunch and dinner options for tomorrow. While in Target, I couldn’t find what I was after for the price I was willing to pay. So I said, “Well, we’re going a mile down the road to the Walmart and try.” Both girls let out a sigh. Both explained in their own words that they liked Target, but not Walmart, yet both acknowledged Walmart has better deals. Um, I’m not sure I understood any of this at 7 & 9 years old.

While in Walmart I had to get something to eat quick. I haven’t eaten much today and was starving, like feeling sick because I was hungry. So I got something from the deli and when we got to the van I had a snack and shared with the ladies. I ate 3 pieces, they devoured the rest. Upon arriving literally 5 mins later at the apartment, I put everything away I got the pizza started. Ella kept asking for her chips back, explaining she was starving….. Um, I just saw you eat several things and wash it down with a juice drink in the last 45 mins…. I think you’ll live.

I’m making dinner. I hear what the girls are watching. It had lots of angst and drama. I asked, “Do you like all that drama in your shows?” Jade responded, “Yes, but not with real people.” Wow! I made and presented said dinner. Um, we don’t like that one, but will try the other one…. it was pizza…. whatever. Before even finishing the pizza they were discussing the evening snacks and chocolate. What in the world!?! I’ve always known and expected boys are starving all the time. These girls apparently need more calories…… only their favorite calories are what they need.

It is what is. The world is not how I remember it. So next I explained before any more evening snacks they must drink fancy water. I gave them water in champagne glasses. They loved it. Thankful that in that way they are still simple. Give any woman of any age anything in a fancy glass…. she will drink it and smile!

It all doesn’t matter their complicated or simple requests of the moment, because these girls are growing in many ways and understand so much more than I did at their age. I guess that’s a good thing, but couldn’t you be amazed, eat anything, and like the simple things for just a few more years?

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