Because I now live in Panama, holidays are very different. Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. Here it is Independence Day. If I were in the USA I would have been in the kitchen since early morning. Tons of cooking, setting up the Christmas tree, movies with the girls. Here, there is a parade that lasts for 12 hours. I was planning to walk into town and watch for a while, but it’s pouring rain, so I’ll wait and try again later.  

My plans when I went to bed last night were to walk into town and see the parade a bit. Then home to make the first of 2 pies I’m bringing to a Thanksgiving meal here on Saturday with my friends that have become family. After that a meal with a new friend up the road. With the rain I decided I’ll make pie first and see how the rest of the day goes. 😄

Yesterday, I went to the store to buy the needed items to make my pies. We were given some fresh shrimp and I wanted to make shrimp cocktail for dinner as well. However, I couldn’t find any cocktail sauce. 🙄

 So, I googled recipes, bought the items and made cocktail sauce last night for the first time. It was excellent and I have plenty to share 😃 While in the store I was hunting the usual ingredients I could find anywhere in the states for pie. They were not available 😢 Okay, so improvise and work with what you have it is. I had purchased the sweet potatoes last week through the market, they are hard to find here.  So, the sweet potatoes I purchased to make the pie are very different than I’m used to. Okay, so I still proceed and see how it goes 🤨 

As I read, see and hear so many Happy Thanksgiving messages, I’m aware how very thankful I am 😍 I’m thankful for every one of my family, friends and friends that have become family. I’m thankful for now living in a great house that enables me to have many over for a meal or game. I’m also thankful for everything that didn’t go as planned.  

If life had gone as planned many years ago, I wouldn’t be here in Panama. Because life never goes as planned, there were choices to make about how we wanted to live before it was time to die. Al and I decided that if health wise, we have about 10-15 good, mobile, able years, we wanted to do something different. So here we are, living in a very different world through very different holiday traditions 😍 I’ve learned so very much about life, love and myself here in this place.

Yes, I miss my family over the holidays terribly 😥 Yet, I look forward to being home for Christmas this year. Because I have so little time with my family, when I’m home it is even more precious. I’ll cook and snuggle, laugh and play. I’ll see my kids, granddaughters, sister and mother. It won’t be the, “Ugh, gotta spend the day with family” that I hear about so often. I’ll be love, hugs, movies, pictures, great food and lots of laughter. I’m very thankful for that indeed 😍

This year I’m more aware than ever, I have so many very special blessings and many more to come. I’m embracing everything that goes right and wrong and thankful for how much I’m growing through it all. For today the lesson is, plans can be rescheduled and things may not turn out like you expected, but isn’t it wonderful to be alive and loved 💗

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