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  • Two Years Living In Panama

    Wow, today marks 2 years for us living as expats in Panama. We were a bundle of excitement, terror, happiness, sadness, and chaotic confusion this day 2018 🤣  We were also filled with hope, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, adventure and joy, all at the same time, and all in the same day. Some of those feelings […]

  • Implementing Life’s Lessons

    So, funny to me are the things from the past that in some ways have helped prepare me for this time in my life. I remember very well when raising my kids and caring for others’ kids as well as my grandchildren, how every week or two I’d call a “pajama day.” It wasn’t always […]

  • In Times Like These

    I have been reading, talking through text (social distancing) and processing much of what is happening in the world lately with all its brought into our lives globally. Several conversations have been about different aspects of all that is going on worldwide. In the earlier days of things getting real in my world (Boquete, Panama,) […]

  • Proactive Inconveniences Are Saving Lives

    Have you ever said or wrote something and it’s like a light bulb just came on in your head, and all a sudden, you see things just a little clearer? Or maybe all of a sudden, you understand the whole picture and not only the pieces you’ve been collecting in your thoughts and conversations. Today […]

  • I am not a tech geek, or am I?

    So for the last few months I’ve been doing some work online. Things I’m not super comfortable or familiar with doing, but doing well at them nonetheless, for the most part. My husband sent a photo to our kids a few weeks ago of me, working on two different computers, a Mac and a Dell, […]

  • I’ll Love You Forever And A Day

    So today was Sunday, meaning Al and I enjoying a relaxing morning together. We both had chores to do before the day was done. He was given some wifi headphones last night, and because he mostly works in one room with Alexa playing music, he set them up on my phone which I listen to […]

  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm?!

    In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen and heard many things. Some were great, and some were not. This little ditty from my childhood came to mind with many conversations these last few days. O be careful little eyes what you seeO be careful little eyes what you seeFor the Father up aboveIs looking down […]

  • Let’s Talk Tech

    I remember when the first computer came into our home. Al and I were only married a couple of years, although we had already had two kids. My son was an infant, meaning this was about 24 years ago. When the first (to me) computer was in our home, I found it fascinating, although I […]

  • Slow Your Roll, Baby!

    After hanging with my sister to go see mom (we were trapped in the car for 3 hours) I picked up the granddaughters to come for a couple of overnights at the apartment we’re staying in. Well, they asked for a snack before we left the driveway. I verified with mom they haven’t eaten since […]

  • My Heart is at Home

    Recently I had 2 different conversations that I’ve been thinking about for the last several days. The first one was about my use of the word home. I explained I was going home for the Christmas holidays. A friend said, “Interesting you call that home.” Well, I guess so if home is a location. To […]

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