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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • The Cycle of Life

    I used to think menopause was much like becoming a toddler again…same basics, really….moody, tires easily, whining and crying will be daily, struggles with bladder control, very picky and overindulgent with food, hangry is to be avoided at all costs, heavy sleep sweater, impulsive yet indecisive, frustrated and angers easily… especially when learning new things […]

  • All For Love

    Been feeling a bit inspired lately and motivated to write and create again finally! May we all share anything positive with others often. This world is very cold and harsh, scary and dark at times, even if only the world in our mind and hearts. It costs nothing to share some of whatever light you […]

  • A Long Strange Trip (Great Advice)

    So, in my life I’ve had so many fabulous friends and family say things to me that stuck out. Those wise words I ponder and roll around for sometimes years. One friend said, “You have 2 speeds…off and on!” I did not take this in any other way other than insight and accurate. If I’m […]

  • Didn’t See That Coming

    There are so many things in the “Well, I never” category of life. Things I never heard, saw, did, said, etc. But in this very erratic and chaotic 2020, that has changed, and at times I find them incredibly funny. Today’s “Well, I never thought I would say this, let alone do it?” I just […]

  • No Matter What We Expected, Here We Are

    I cannot and do not want to explain this, but here we go…Things haven’t been usual or typical for anyone globally in so many ways. The last 6 months have revealed many things I wish I never knew. I’m not alone in this, so yeah, hold on and pray.  Things have been so very different […]

  • The Voices in my Head

    Today is chore day . I bathed 3 dogs, washed our bedding, swept and mopped the floor, etc. As I was stripping the bed, I had an amusing thought. How does stripping then remaking the bed become a workout routine? I get winded and sweaty while doing these things. We have an oversized king mattress […]

  • To All The Broken Hearted, You Are Not Alone

    I’m not sure I can explain anything I feel at the moment. Through tears, I am trying to communicate on “paper,” so not to lash out. But my words are not grammatically correct, and some cannot hear my heart past my errors. My heart is hurting, like so many globally. My spirit has no peace […]

  • Look For The Shining Light in a Dark World

    Beginning last Wednesday, I started battling powerful negative feelings. Mostly disappointment, sadness, anger and depression. I’ve fought these negative feelings and more throughout my life, but these past few days, they genuinely have felt worse. They intensified on the way home from my rare but permitted walks. I was not able to walk all the […]

  • You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

    This past Tuesday seemed to have been a day of lessons in miscommunications. The first was this morning’s conversation with Al. “Let me explain… No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” -Inigo Montoya I had read something online in the morning and interpreted it positively based on what little recollection of previous information […]

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