September 25, 2019. Been up before 5am the last 3 days. Those that know me know I prefer to not be up before 9am most days due to not always sleeping well. Instead of being frustrated by it though I’ve had more time to do things and not feel rushed when needing to get out the door. I’ve also had the very quiet morning hours to either snuggle up to my love or ponder things. We are loving our new home and the location. I walk into town often now. Sometimes just to take in the beauty I’m surrounded by. I’m not in a hurry allRead More →

August 17, 2019. Funny the things you miss that you thought you never would. Obviously, I knew I would miss my kids, grandkids, family and friends when I moved so far away. That is usual for us that are close with others for a lifetime. However, last night I was explaining to Al, I miss being touched, hugged, landed on by my kids and grandkids. I remember when they were little and I was hosting childcare in my home. I remember when Al would come home and wanted to hug and touch me, I would explain I’ve been a walking tissue, mattress and coat rackRead More →

Today’s adventure in figuring out life involved having a hysterical moment when I had to admit I can be such a clueless maroon sometimes😳🤣 So I’m in the grocery store. I need two items that I’ve not, or had trouble, purchasing before here. So I’m scanning the aisles very carefully. Making several trips down each. The staff probably thought I was having an episode and lost 🤪 Anyway, I needed brown gravy and bacon bits. I eventually found the brown gravy, of course it’s by the seafood, where else would it be 🤔 Then I gave up the hunt for the bacon bits. I asked, through my Google translate, theRead More →

August 6, 2019. I woke up this morning frustrated, things aren’t where I want them to be to move forward, technically, yet in my new home I’m very happy. Then I was very sad because I miss a house full of family and chaos. Once you get used to the volume and never stop chaos, when it’s gone you miss it. Not because it was good, because it was home, familiar and comforting in a crazy way. Then I watched a movie from long ago, had me laughing out loud. I decided I needed a walk, in this new place I need to know howRead More →

Today I figured out to get to the library is a 15 min walk. To get to Romero is a 25 min walk. The BCP will be about 20 mins. I also was reminded a 35 lb grocery bag prefers a ride home 😁  Most importantly, I learned that when it’s windy and you have your, cute but not study, umbrella up while walking occasionally the handle detaches from the rest and your open umbrella flies high into the air before landing in the very busy road going into town.Read More →

So the last 36 hours have been very different but interesting and at times hilarious. We left Sunday morning for Panama City. We took a smaller commuter flight from David. Neither of us had been in a plane this small in over a decade. However, the leg room was better than in the international flight with Delta I took in March. The service was excellent. We arrived in the big city on time and our Uber driver was wonderful. He spoke English and had worked with the Air Force base at the canal for 15 years. He was gracious. We got to check in earlyRead More →

Today is clean out day in the yard. Thank goodness it’s small 🤣 Years of neglect mean dead trees and plants that can be a hazard for my little ladies. It’s also a great hiding place for creatures that can harm my ladies. As I was chopping away and cutting back over growth I thought about my days on the farm. I was homeschooling and we worked a farm for extra hands on science and fresh produce/flowers. At the same time I was in a Bible study and we were discussing the farming references and what they meant. I learned a lot about pruning, in every way. SometimesRead More →