I used to think menopause was much like becoming a toddler again…same basics, really….moody, tires easily, whining and crying will be daily, struggles with bladder control, very picky and overindulgent with food, hangry is to be avoided at all costs, heavy sleep sweater, impulsive yet indecisive, frustrated and angers easily… especially when learning new things or gets overheated, tired, hungry, etc……may explode into extreme drama and aggressive behaviors😳🙄🤦‍♀️😂😂😂

Today I was reminded that those toddler outbursts are the beginning of menopause, and the puberty that develops teenagers in reverse is the end, if it ever ends. 🥵 As I told my sister, “Teenagers are much like women in menopause (at the end)…. It’s reverse puberty with much more sarcasm and sweating!” 😅

🤔Think about it: puberty produces teenagers. They get a bad rep sometimes, but there are many typical stages and storms during these years that we older ones have too.😲 The end game of menopause hormone wars seems like puberty lived backwards. 🙄

My typical term for preteens and teens is bags of walking hormones! 😂 They are trying to adjust to what is happening. Hormones are changing their entire mental, emotional and physical being over time of extreme waves and surges. Growing up can genuinely hurt at times, and so does growing old. 😥

Learning new things it’s hard, and so is unlearning them. The most significant similarities I see are:

  • Loss of direction/focus (For us older ones, suddenly facing an empty nest and looking into retirement, having no clue what you’re supposed to do next!) ❓
  • Loss of energy while the body adjusts and prepares for the next phase/fatigue 😴🛌💤
  • Question of information given over a lifetime processing old knowledge to find wisdom for today’s life causes confusion/brain fog 🤔
  • Nocturnal – very hard to sleep at night; mornings are worse when trying to wake up!😣
  • Clunky/clumsy😜
  • Didn’t know your body could do that/just learned your body couldn’t do that🙄
  • Focusing on your future goals/focusing on your past mistakes and dreading parts of your future🤔😉😢
  • Seriously sensitive/defensive 😥
  • Very emotional positive/negative ❓
  • Excitable/Irritable Sarcasm for both 😂
  • Beginning to care what others think more often and more seriously/stop caring what others think of you because you’re nearing the end of your one and only life!💪

Very fascinating to me how much our life goes forward towards the future in development until a certain halfway point. Then we loop around/u-turn and do it all in reverse towards our end while processing the trip we took (rubbernecking through time I guess) before we turned around.🤔🤔

I’ve also noted that the circle of life includes constant swirling of beginnings and endings. See you on the merry-go-round ya’ll!😘