Today is chore day . I bathed 3 dogs, washed our bedding, swept and mopped the floor, etc. As I was stripping the bed, I had an amusing thought. How does stripping then remaking the bed become a workout routine? I get winded and sweaty while doing these things.

We have an oversized king mattress requiring mattress straps for the corners. If they are not on, we wake up wondering if we’ve just been put into a body bag by accident or if the fitted sheet got us again. Getting the straps on and off is a challenge. I pictured in my head what this scene would look like to anyone that witnessed it. I started laughing. If I walked upon this sight, I would ask, “Why are you having a wrestling match with a mattress?

As this thought ran through my head, I laughed, then I also realized I could see this situation differently and be very sad. My insecure, self-conscious, overthinking voices could have said, “See, you’re getting older, and it will get harder every day to do simple tasks.”

I strive to see the lighter side of life whenever possible. It makes me feel better when I laugh. Scientifically all humans feel better when they laugh. (No, I am not going to cite a source. Google it.) Through this global season of so many heartbreaking situations every day, I need my self talk to make me laugh, not dread the future. I hope you all are being kind to yourself too.

For the moment in my world, it’s time for round 2 of my mattress wrestling workout routine!