Wow, today marks 2 years for us living as expats in Panama. We were a bundle of excitement, terror, happiness, sadness, and chaotic confusion this day 2018 šŸ¤£ 

We were also filled with hope, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, adventure and joy, all at the same time, and all in the same day. Some of those feelings stayed and some faded.

Although, I never expected to be in this current Coronavirus quarantine situation and so very far from my family. In some ways the uncertainty of the future today is much like it was that very day.

I’m thankful for feeling safe here at home and the ability to text, video and talk with family and friends during our time of great distance and isolation from everyone. I’m also reminded just how much things can change in a year or two, so live in the present, find ways to get over the hurtful past while keeping the treasured memories, and have hope for the future you never expected.

Our kids driving us to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on April 15, 2018
My husband and I at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, about to board our flight on April 15, 2018
Me, my husband Al, and our furbaby Pepita en route to Panama via Delta Airlines to Panama
First day in Panama at Playa Uverito. We permanently moved to Boquete two weeks later.

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  1. That is fabulous, congratulations on the 2 year anniversary, i so appreciate what you both bring to the community.
    And as another fun fact , to the day forcMark abd ne it has been 12 years, since we got our formal jubilado status documents, and we flew in the day before. So we share this memorable date and our connection to Panama.

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